Upload to CD.net 2014

In order to have your method reported in the RESULTS 2014 section, please follow these steps :

  1. Download videos to your computer from the DATASET 2014 page.
  2. Run your algorithm on each video and put the resulting binary images in the "results" folder (there must be 1 binary image for each video frame)
    • Only one set of tuning parameters should be used for all videos.
    • The zipped "results" folder must contain the results for every video sequence of one (or more) category.
    • Even if the first hundred frames are not used for ranking, each video must include all the processed frames, from bin000001.png to the last frame.
    • The resulting images must be black-and-white (Black = 0, White = 255) images in png or jpeg format.
  3. When ready to submit results, zip the "results" folder and upload it below. Note: We only support zip files (gzip, gz, 7z or other compression formats are not supported).
  4. The results folder MUST have the following structure results2014.zip. Please don't put other folders in the zip file!
  5. The name of your resulting binary files must comply to the following standard : "bin" + 6 numbers + ".png", ex: bin000023.png, bin002491.png

Please enable cookies in your browser or the upload page won't work.

The challenge has now been closed