Details of the dataset 2012

  • This dataset contains 6 video categories with 4 to 6 videos sequences in each category
  • Each individual video file (.zip or .7z) can be downloaded separately. Alternatively, all videos files within one category can be downloaded as a single .zip or .7z file
  • Each video file when uncompressed becomes a directory which contains the following:
    1. a sub-directory named "input" containing a separate JPEG file for each frame of the input video
    2. a sub-directory named "groundtruth" containing a separate BMP file for each frame of the groundtruth
    3. "an empty folder named "results" for binary results (1 binary image per frame per video you have processed)
    4. files named "ROI.bmp" and "ROI.jpg" showing the spatial region of interest
    5. a file named "temporalROI.txt" containing two frame numbers. Only the frames in this range will be used to calculate your score
  • The groundtruth images contain 5 labels namely:
    • 0 : Static
    • 50 : Hard shadow
    • 85 : Outside region of interest
    • 170 : Unknown motion (usually around moving objects, due to semi-transparency and motion blur)
    • 255 : Motion

Click here to download the entire dataset : | 7z

Click on the tabs below to view sample frames and download individual videos and complete video categories.

If you use this facility in any publication, we request you to kindly acknowledge this website ( and cite the following overview paper :
N. Goyette, P.-M. Jodoin, F. Porikli, J. Konrad, and P. Ishwar, A new change detection benchmark dataset,
in Proc. IEEE Workshop on Change Detection (CDW-2012) at CVPR-2012, Providence, RI, 16-21 Jun., 2012



Intermittent Object Motion

Camera Jitter

Dynamic Background